Arizona Cherry Lime Rickey

Last week while at my nearest convenience store a young man asked the local merchant to begin carrying Arizona Cherry Lime Rickey. My inquisitiveness about this new beverage was quickly answered as the young man pulled an enormous, colorful can from his pocket, informing the cashier he had purchased this down the street. I thought little of the exchange until I saw the can at a 7-Eleven, the only location these new drinks are available, while working yesterday.
"How dare you interrupt my lime rickey!" - Mr. Smith 

First, and most obvious, impression is the size of the can: 23.5 oz and 695 ml. For a carbonated beverage this is a little large for my one serving tastes. The can design is extremely unique, created by Kenny Vidinich, winner of a contest for the cherry lime rickey's big can design contest. The swirling greens and reds on the can sweeping across the Brooklyn Bridge really helped set this can apart while the bubbly cherries and halved limes found bouncing around hint at the unique flavor contained within.
The name speaks for itself. Exactly as prescribed, this is a cherry lime rickey with a strong lime aftertaste. Initially, I believed there would be a really bubbly first bite, but the drink is smooth. With it being cherry, and not raspberry, that little kick of bitter that raspberry sodas tend to give is absent. But the lime is definitely there, taking right over after the liquid hits your lips. At halfway through the soda, I'm still trying to peg the taste as it's something I've never experienced. At halfway through the soda, I'm also starting to fill and the drink is slowly getting warmer.

That is the major drawback of the big cans. Too big for a guy like me, who would prefer to open and consume two smaller containers than one large one. I think the soda stays fresher. But with Arizona Cherry Lime Rickey only being available in the big cans, I had to make do. I definitely recommend trying the beverage but it's availability is questionable, so get to your local 7-Eleven soon to pick one up and help celebrate Arizona's 20th Anniversary with their new flavor.

Overall Taste: 6.5 - Unique, but a little flat, with a much stronger lime than cherry
Fizz Factor: 5.0 - Not much fizz but a smoother drink than soda
Appearance: 8.5 - The can is huge, but the design in marvelous, and reminds me of graffiti
Flavor: 7.0 - A must try but it's doubtful to become a regular choice of mine

From the company: 8 oz has 70 calories, 0g of fat, 19g of carbs, 18g of sugar and 0g of protein. The big cans hold about 3 servings (23.5 oz)